The Best Advertising For Plumbers In Honolulu is simple.   It’s the use of video and the POWER of online technologies, as long as it’s getting you a positive ROI.  With that said, reexamine your Yellow Pages investment for the following reasons:


  • It’s expensive (the last time I inquired in 2012)
  • It’s not flexible (once printed, you cannot make changes until the next printing
  • And, most of all, customers look for businesses online


 Three Online Marketing Tips

1.  Make sure your SEO company is ranking your site for “end of buying cycle” keywords.  This is CRITICAL to getting more sales.

Example: “How to unclog your drain” is  someone that does NOT want your services.  They want to do it themselves

“Best plumbers in Honolulu” is someone who is ready to pick out a plumber.


2.  Use classified ad sites to advertise your services.  They often show up in the search engines.


3.  Incorporate video in your online campaign.  Videos get the highest clicks for obvious reasons.  One reason is because it sticks out from your competitors (so YOU get looked at).   Another reason is people just like to watch videos.  Take a look at how your video shows up in the search engines:


best advertising for plumbers in honolulu image


This is one of the best advertising strategies for plumbers because:


  • It targets customers when they are ready to buy
  • It uses video, which sticks out and gets watched
  • It’s so much more cost effective than the Yellow Pages


How much lifetime revenues does 1 of your customer bring in on average?  (REMEMBER: Once you “capture” a customer, you can market to them over and over and over again!)

Contact us now and we’ll capture customers for you with a positive ROI, or you pay NOTHING.

Why choose us? Because with this strategy…


  • We work exclusively for you.  We will not work for a competitor servicing the same area.
  • There are no long-term contracts.  We give YOU full control to stop payment without notifying us.
  • You get exclusive advertising on a professional website, i.e your number, your address, your logo, your offers, your accolades, etc.  This is your website
  • For a low monthly payment, you get your custom information on the website, you get exposure for multiple keywords, you get maintenance and hosting of the site, and you get SEO and non-SEO tactics to get you traffic


Contact us now (use form at top right) to start capturing customers.


If we are already working with one plumber in your service area, we’ll be happy to suggest marketing strategies based on what you already have, i.e. Facebook Fan page, website, print ads, etc.


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