About X-Ray Marketing

We have been doing affiliate marketing promoting products from giants like Amazon.com and eBay.com since 2008.  We employed search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, video SEO, Article Marketing, Article SEO, WordPress website development, social media marketing, simple graphics, and a bunch of other internet marketing -advertising strategies and techniques.

We have decided to take these same practices and techniques and expand to the off-line (local businesses) area.

Here’s an example video showing how keyword research can be applied locally:


Local Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) Keyword Research Tip – Use Your City, i.e. Honolulu, HI, Phoenix, AZ, Houston, TX, etc.

This is a great video explaining how to find high CONVERTING local keywords that you can apply immediately.  Notice high search volume is NOT the priority.  The keyword that is further down the “buying cycle” is WAY better than a keyword that is broad.  Watch this video and apply it now.



Why We Started

X-Ray Marketing LLC is an Oahu, Hawaii based company that was founded in 2011.  It was established to help local businesses in cities around the United State capture the enormous amounts of traffic everyday online.  There is no question customers today are looking for your products and services right NOW on the internet.  The only question is can YOU be found when customers are ready to buy?


We utilize creative techniques to tap into the massive amounts of “buying” online traffic online.  Then, we funnel it to our(local) business clients.  Media such as the Yellow Pages cannot target specific customers like online marketing can.


We also specialize in exploiting popular electronic gadgets like mobile phones to get our clients in touch with “ready to buy” customers.


When it comes to doing business, we believe in quality over quantity.  Clients are taken one by one by appointment only.  This ensures all questions and concerns are addressed for each business client.


Fill out the Contact Form on our website completely.  We’ll assess your particular situation and call/email you to let you know if we can help.  Sending us your request in written form helps us review your situation more accurately and do our homework.  It also documents your project from the very beginning.

Looking forward to working with you!


-XrayMarketing Team