If you shopped for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, the pricing are usually out of reach for start-up businesses.  Well, there are cheaper alternatives.  This blog post gives you some alternatives if your advertising budget is tight…the “DIY” alternative.

Note: For people who DON’T like investing time into learning a new skill, here’s some of our affordable online advertising services for Hawaii businesses.

FREE Tutorial To Learn How To Market Your Business

One of the ways to get online exposure for your business is something called article marketing.  Everything is FREE so all you need is time.

You simply find a keyword relevant to your business that has little competition in the search engines, write a keyword optimized article, and submit it to an article directory.  Here’s a tutorial that teaches you exactly that (this site is HUGE and membership is FREE!  You don’t need to upgrade to the paid premium membership to learn this method)

I’ll be glad to help you if you get stuck along the way.  Contact me using the form on this site and mention you’re in the “WA Online Business Community.”  Click the image below to go to the tutorial:


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Learn how to market your business with Article Marketing – FREE!

Affordable online advertising services in Hawaii Video Tutorial

Learn How To Easily Create Professional Videos For Your Business – FREE