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Isolated Design in SunFrog

For Tyler and Staff

Isolated Design in SunFrog

Make YOUR Book Dominate Your Competition With A Book Trailer

According to one source, there are appoximately 15 million books published in some form or another EVERY YEAR!  The exact number is not what’s important.  The point is, there are a LOT of books out there and the chances are YOUR book will NOT stand out from the crowd unless you do something DIFFERENT.

Hollywood knows something about marketing that book authors can take and use for their own promotions.  Use video book TRAILERS!

Combine clips of video, music, captivating words, narrative, etc. to create a focused, concise, ATTENTION-GETTING TRAILER!

For Denise

Hi Denise:

I tried opening the Hoodie Mockup to create Hoodie mockups for my desgin.  However,  I get this message (in PS CS2).   Can I still create Hoodie Mockups/ what option should I choose?




PS Unknow Data


















For Henry Hats of Hawaii

Hi Vanessa:

To let your web visitors know you’re on instagram, here are some things you can do:

1. Make an Instagram Tab and put it on your Facebook page.

Instructions here: http://help.woobox.com/customer/portal/articles/1452856



2. You can put an Instagram Badge on your website (watch video to see how)



3. You could create an “Instagram” page on your site and just embed a few of your instagram photos like this:



Honolulu Hawaii Handyman Image Ad

For Automotive Repair Business in Kalihi

Here are some samples:



Honolulu Hawaii Handyman Image Ad


Facebook post graphic Hawaii Marketing Company


Logo manipulation graphics service in Hawaii



Facebook graphics service in Hawaii


Facebook Cover or Header Graphic Service in Honolulu


facebook Post Ad for Covers in Hawaii



Facebook Cover Header Service in Hawaii


Graphic Logos For Sale



Henry hats Hawaii Bowtie Prom Ad 4 Yellow and Orange



Urusai Shirt 2

For Sam

Hey Sam:


Here is the shirt’ design:


Urusai Shirt 2



Another shirt with print on BACK:


The Judge Basketball Shirt

Designer For A Day Facebook Cover

Hi Joan!

This is the Sample Facebook Cover for your “Designer for a Day” Fan Page.  Click image to view or right click on image>Save Image As:


Designer For A Day Facebook Cover


Joan, here’s what your Fan Page should look like.  Click image below to see full size:


Designer for a day Fan Page Cover Sample