According to one source, there are appoximately 15 million books published in some form or another EVERY YEAR!  The exact number is not what’s important.  The point is, there are a LOT of books out there and the chances are YOUR book will NOT stand out from the crowd unless you do something DIFFERENT.

Hollywood knows something about marketing that book authors can take and use for their own promotions.  Use video book TRAILERS!

Combine clips of video, music, captivating words, narrative, etc. to create a focused, concise, ATTENTION-GETTING TRAILER!

Share it every where you can to gain attention and garner the interest of your market and generate sales.

YouTube alone have over 150 million (and climbing) unique visitors EVERY month.  Add in all the Social Media channels and crowdfunding sites and potential is HUGE!

These Trailers bring your book to life and make it more intriguing.

You now have the opportunity to play with the BIG BOYS!

Watch how one author made her book much more compelling using in a video:



If you’re interested in getting a custom video done, use our contact form to let us know what your book is about and what kind of video you want produced.