Introducing Our New Video Marketing Service That Brands YOU As A “5-Star” Leader In Your Industry!

“60 Second Review Branding Commercials”


NOTE: These 60-Seconds Review Branding Commercials are available indefinitely.  This is our Beta Program.  Use Contact Form on the right if you’re interested in participating and have a “5-Star Review Commercial” produced for you.   Brick and mortar types work best.  We’ll get back to you, usually within 24-48 hours.


Read on to see why this is so POWERFUL.


Three companies offering a product / service you’re looking for…which one would you choose?



video service for small business marketing

It’s a fact, and we all do it.  Before choosing who to do business with, we look for reassurance from other people that have patronized a business.  Psychologists call it Social Proof, and it’s a powerful way to influence a prospect’s decision.


Imagine your business was Tesla Motors for a second.  Now, go to Google and and make pretend you are a prospect interested in doing business with Tesla and search for “Tesla Motors Washington DC Review”   Pretty cool, huh?


Reputation Branding Videos in Google Video Listings

Reputation Management was very popular for a good reason…people do business with companies with a good reputation.   But, you don’t make money managing your reputation.  You make money MARKETING YOUR REPUTATION!  And, a business that is seen as a 5-Star business has a huge advantage over their competitors.

Introducing Reputation Management MARKETING




Magnify Your Good Reviews And Become A “5-Star” Company.  THEN, You Market Your Company!


What good is it if prospects find your business, whether it’s through Word-of-Mouth, paid advertising (Newspaer, Radio, PPC, Facebook, Adwords, etc.), Search Engine (SEO), Social Media, Classifieds, etc., if you cannot convert them into customers?  If your online reputation is bad, people will NOT choose you (87% of people surveyed still look for a business online even AFTER being referred to it) . Therefore, it’s vital that you build a “5-Star Brand” reputation BEFORE people find you online.


The game has changed.  Over 80 million Google Plus pages have merged with each company’s website, displaying their reputation to the world.  If you don’t have a reputation or have a bad one online, your competitors will out shine you and eat you alive.


This is why we are very excited to bring our clients Professional 60-Second Review Branding CommercialsReviews give you Pre-Qualified and Pre-Sold leads!  This is because buyers trust reviews as much as a family member or personal recommendation.


“…72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations” – Bright Local


Reputation Video Marketing in Hawaii



It’s critical you flip the script.  Build your “5-Star” reputation FIRST by magnifying them on-line, and THEN MARKET your business to get more customers.


We Brand You As A “5-Star” Leader In Your Industry

We use professional spokes models, Hollywood style studio setting, prime-time animated graphics that include your “5-Star” reviews, and professional editing to BRAND YOU as the leader in your field.


These mini commercials are the most efficient kind of marketing.  They cover, not one, not two, but 7 types of marketing:

  1. BRANDING – it builds your company AND “5-Star” brand
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – we can optimize these commercials so they show up when people search for a review of you.  We link each video back to your site, creating back links, which help your site rank higher in the search engines.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA – post these on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vimeo, or any social site, and stand out from your competitor
  4. REPUTATION – when people see your 5-Star review (and they WILL) you will develop a trusted reputation
  5. VIDEO – video sells, video sticks out in the largest search engine…Google, videos get clicks, and videos GET WATCHED so prospects see you!
  6. CONTENT – this is efficient and effective content.  Create a lot of it and post it every where on the web!
  7.  MOBILE – more and more people are looking for businesses on mobile devices.  Videos condenses you message visually and audibly in their entire (small) screen


It’s statistically proven: Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising.  BUT, our study of over 350 participants revealed something VERY INTERESTING.


Participants were asked, “After being referred to a business, what do you do next?”

*87% search on-line to find the company information

*6% use a phone book to find company information

*4% dialed information to find company information

*2% Other


Then, they were asked, “What do you do first when searching for a business online?”

*52% look for on-line reviews / ratings

*35% look for the website and contact information

*13% look up Social Media pages, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.


We also did a focus study on these Review Branding Commercials and this is what we found:


*70% of consumers said they would call you after watching the video

*65% said they would refer their friends to that business if they were interested in that product / service


These 60 second commercials are a very powerful reputation and branding strategy and they typically cost $1000 – $3000 because:


*we use professional spokes models to make you look professional

*we do our shoots in a Hollywood style studio with professional lighting and “green screen” technology

*we use prime-time graphics and animation together with your 5-Star Reviews, as well as an on-location view of someone reading your review

*we profile whatever 5-Star Review you earned

*then, we professionally edit your video to bring it all together to brand you as the leader in your field


This is an asset you can use forever to market your business anywhere  online.


Here are more examples of videos we did for other businesses. You just have to imagine YOUR business being branded at the “5-Star” company in your industry… you’ll CONVERT prospects into CUSTOMERS!


Review Commercial For Dentists




 Review Commercial For Hotels




Available in the following Branding Colors:


Review Branding Commercials Branding Colors


A Few More Reasons To Use Our Video Service For Small Business Marketing




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