Mobile Websites

Why Invest In A Mobile Website?


Your market is getting “mobile.”  Cater to this or you’ll lose these prospects.


Mobile prospects are in a different mindset from desktop prospects.  They want information FAST.  If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will move on to your competitor.  If you got them to your website, you want to keep them there by helping them find what they’re looking for (through clear navigation).  You then want to make it easy for them to call, email, or find you.


This is where a “mobile friendly” website comes in.


Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes.

*You want information FAST.

*You want to CALL them and ask them a question before you come in.


Now, take a look at two businesses on a mobile device below:

mobile website creation honolulu hawaii


Foot Notes:

1.  Make it easy for your customer to call you with a “click to call” button

2.  Incentives, if you have them, help turn the “lookers” into customers.

3.  Make it easy for customers to find information (or they will leave).


Statistics You Can’t Ignore (but hope your competitor does)


* 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local information.

* 1/3 of ALL searches for Local Businesses are now done on Mobile Devices (and growing!)

* 60% of Mobile users CALL the business or VISIT them after searching

* 70% of those TAKE ACTION WITHIN ONE HOUR of their search



Mobile Users Want Someone NOW!  Make it YOU.


Contact us through our web form with your website URL and we’ll see if we can help you.  If we can, we give our private clients our phone number for further communication.

NOTE: This does NOT replace your existing website.  Searchers are just redirected to this mobile site if they are on a mobile device.