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Online Reputation Management Services Updates To Online Reputation MARKETING Services


Our Online Reputation Management Services are being renamed to Online Reputation MARKETING services.  We take a Pro-Active approach to make things happen.  If you’ve earned a good review via online, email, voice mail, in person, etc., you should exploit that by marketing your reputation.  One powerful way is through “Review Branding Videos.”  Read on to see how we will get rid of your bad listings on Google.

NOTE:  Services are not only provided for Hawaii businesses, but nation wide.


WARNING: Your company may have bad things showing up on Google!

online reputation management in hawaii

Type [your company’s name] + review into Google and all sorts of stuff shows up; some good, some bad and maybe some really bad. All it takes is just one nasty review / listing to scare off a prospect, costing you lots of business every month.

No business is perfect and it’s inevitable you’ll run into an unreasonable customer.  If you have and you provide great service to majority of your customers, we highly suggest you first reach out to that customer and do what it takes to make things right so he/she removes that negative review / listing.

If you can’t resolve it, this is where our service can help you.

Your Business’ Reputation Is “Naked” For The Whole World To See

The internet has taken over our lives so it’s a must for businesses to keep up with it.  For example:

About 70% of customers search for businesses on Google or review sites before doing business with you. If your business has any bad reviews, news articles, blog posts or forum comments, it is highly likely that Google will show them in their search results. If this happens, prospects will look for other more reputable businesses.


Reputation is powerful. It will affect your bottom line, good or bad, whether you’re a 2 month old company or a 20 year old company.

Here’s the scary part!              

If you have an nasty competitor, they can hire some one to write about all your NEGATIVE reviews on blogs, article directories, forums, and other sites that Google loves, and rank that on the first page so EVERYONE sees it!! That WILL damage your business’ reputation and bottom line.

Fight Fire With Fire With Our Online Reputation Marketing Service!

We at X-Ray Marketing use the same tactics to magnify our clients GOOD reviews, thus our Renamed service, Reputation MARKETING.

We have a solid, well researched recovery plan to get all these unwanted reviews OFF page 1 of Google. Not only will we flood the internet with excellent reviews of your company, we will implement tedious, time consuming quality SEO to kick those bad reviews OFF of Google’s first page.

Here’s Our 93% Success Rate Plan:

  1. We report the page / forum thread / etc. and contact the webmaster to request removal. Sometimes this works and a lot of times it does not (we do not guarantee it will be removed…irregardless, we still carry on with our plan and put out good content of your business to market your reputation)

  2. We write 30 100+ word reviews of your company and post them on forums/blog that Google loves. These sites carry page rank 3 or higher.
  3. We write 10 500+ word articles and submit them to 10 different web properties.This is where most services stop.However, we have to kick off all the bad listings on the first page of Google. This is where our SEO strategies come in.
  4. We will systematically and strategically build back links to all 40 reviews / content to get them ranking on the 1st page of Google. This takes time (usually between 1 -3 months) and must be done consistently. We will manage over 10,000 links for you to get rid of that bad listing(s).

Our Online Reputation Management/Marketing plan was implemented over 400 times and has helped 93% of our clients. This mean 9 our of 10 clients saw success. This is why we are able to offer a money back guarantee if we don’t succeed with your case (only 1 out of 10 will be refunded).

We take on all the risk, you get more revenues.

Stop loosing business! Get those negative posts REMOVED NOW.

Contact Us using the form on the upper right and tell us what you are typing in Google to bring up the bad review(s) / listing. We will analyze that listing(s) and get back to you within 48 hours and give you a quote if we think we can fix it.  Please tell us when it’s best to call you, or if you prefer to be emailed.