Website Developement For Local Businesses

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Customers WILL judge your business based on how you look online.  Therefore, your website needs to set a good first impression, or they will will click away!




First Impressions Count!


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Must Have Key Features

Components of an Optimized Local Site






Introducing Our Professional, Yet Affordable, Locally Optimized Websites



Pick One Of These Local Themes and WE’LL MAKE IT FOR JUST $697 (that’s not a typo!)

Here’s all you have to do to get a website from us.

Step 1 – Simply pick one of the themes below. The themes are sold AS-IS with no (style/design) changes to be made (of course, your address, phone#, video (if applicable), colors, etc. will be custom to your business).

Step 2 – We will need the following:

– Your Business Name
– Your Contact Info (Mailing/Physical Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, email, etc.)
– Your Business Logo
– What theme you want your website to look like.

– Deposit of $300, applied to final payment (NON-Refundable once we start)

We’ll get the rest as needed from you.

Step 3 – We will put your website together (usually within 48 hours) and once you approve it, you pay us the balance.

Step 4 – Once paid, we will install the website on a domain of your choice. If you don’t have a domain or hosting (or don’t even know what these really mean), we can help with that.

That’s it!!!
Why are we doing this?

A custom theme / website can run you $5,000-$10,000+ and takes about a month or so of back and forth consulting.  Free themes do not come with the critical components local businesses need and must be manually built.


Our solution was to get local business themes built by professionals and offer our clients a happy medium of price, looks, and function.
By providing you a semi ready-made website, we’re able to reduce the time it takes to provide this service and save you money at the same time.


Here are the themes:



Optimized “Direct Response” Local Business Theme

Optimized Local Sample Site


Mobile Friendly Captures Cell Phone Users – These People TAKE ACTION!

Optimized Local Site Responsive Theme






7 Color Business Theme



Local Business Theme biz Theme Image



Rockstarbiz Themes Colors



 Use our Contact Form (in right side bar) and send us your questions.  We want to make sure this “happy medium” is right for your business before getting started.



Thank you Erica Breetoe and and Chase Lindberg for the beautiful photos!